Sunday, 10 May 2015

Saturday, 18 April 2015

As I Did Walk Round Crawford Green

As I Did Walk Round Crawford Green

Bones etched in the pavement.
The stark white concrete
meeting the green summer grass in a curve.

Taking flight he cut circles in the air till I had passed,
losing a lot of his breakfast to the sparrows and starlings.

I glanced down
to be confronted by the sun-hated shadow of Miss Marple.

Little mushrooms guarding the corner.
and a lost spoon.

In the gloom of a summers Christmas day
a manhole cover with an interesting shape cut out of it

Attention to the graffiti on the wall,
I never realised it was a secret message to me
“Fuck the Dick B.”

Three people doing Tai Chi
to audio prompts backed by Chinese music.
Next to them a mess of cans.

Gloom enhanced all the field lines.
It looked like some ancient record of constructions past and gone
And then, One for sorrow two for Joy… Magpies communing at a goal post. 
I wonder what they are talking about?

Love B xox

Friday, 17 April 2015

365 Feminist Selfie : March

So much is going on for me emotionally at the moment, posting these images and reflecting on the past three months is some what grounding. Funny how seeing your own face over and over again can have that affect?

March, Artist, Julia Morison one of my all time favorite NZ artists.

love B xox