Tuesday, 2 December 2014

365 Feminist Selfie : November

November saw the end of Ninja School (AKA, I'm now well enough to leave the house by myself sometimes and am slowly returning to Rebecca levels of health and well being). Also I've started relying on my laptop camera. Which is not ideal, but recently I've been a bit tremulous and there are only so many blurry images one can handle. November also saw some pretty wicked brain fog  and I forgot to take a photo on the 21st? But you get extra photos of a Ninja Master Class held by my friend Helen. Enjoy xox

This months artist is Michael Smithers. His body of work covers many topics but I'm particularly drawn to his portraits.

Love B xox

Sunday, 9 November 2014

365 Feminist Selfie : September and October

It's November and I have failed to post up the last two months. I have no excuse, no reason, other than a motivational slump. So here they are, enjoy  ;)



A note: By way of apology for being a bit slack there are a few extra photos for october ;) By the end of October I'm at ninja school learning advanced ninja-ing skills (Also known as pneumonia, which means I can't do much or leave the house)

So that's it! two months in one. 

As for artists, I'm dashing away from portrait and into people who help inspire me, especially when i'm stuck in the house. So check out Kerri Smith and her fabulous creativity books and blog. So many hours of creative self exploration and fun.

Love B xox